Hellenic Military Academy amongst the 10 Most Prestigious Military Academies in the World

onlinecollege.org, one of the most respected websites with updated evaluations of Universities and Colleges, evaluated the Military Academies of the world and reached the result we all know in the Hellenic Arms Control Center, and of course in Greece: The Hellenic Military Academy has an international reputation and value. The comments from the evaluation are as follows:

With a military history that goes back centuries, it’s no surprise that Greece still prides itself on producing a solid military force. While today’s students are no Spartans, they do receive a solid education while they’re training to be officers in the Hellenic Army. The school was founded in 1828, and has produced soldiers that have not only fought in a number of important conflicts globally, but became scientists, authors, engineers, and professors who were all highly distinguished in their field. While the majority of students at the academy are Greek, the school accepts students from anywhere in the world who meet its requirements.

Source: ekeo.gr

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