Greece to receive Dutch, US tank rounds

The Greek Army’s plans to acquire 12g mm tank ammunition from Dutch army stocks were approved by the Greek Government Council on Foreign and Defence Affairs in mid-April.

The Greek Army will acquire 4,200 DM53A1 (APFSDS-T) combat rounds and 2,000 M865 (TPCSDS-T} training rounds for EUR14 ,o million (USD18.4 million). The ammunition will be delivered by mid-year.

Meanwhile, by the end of April the Greek Army expects to receive, free of charge from US stocks, 3,000 M830 (HEAT-MP-7) combat rounds. Upon delivery of the US and Dutch ammunition the Greek Army will finally withdraw 105 mm-armed M60A1 RISE/M60A3 TTS main battle tanks (M8Ts) from its eight tank battalions, which have been kept in service alongside Greece’s Leopard 2A4 and Leopard 2 HEL MBTs because the latter did not have sufficient stocks of 120 mm rounds.

Source: Janes Defense Weekly

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