No Shortage of Funds For Military Operation against Terrorists: Finance Minister

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said on Wednesday declared that there is no issue of unavailability of funds for a military operation against the terrorists, and the government would spend all it can to eradicate terrorism from the country. “The government has not yet decided to launch a military operation, as we want to give peace a chance, but at the same time we would not tolerate blasts and attacks during the peace talks with the Taliban,” Dar told media during a well-attended press briefing at the Planning Commission auditorium. He said the present government has embarked upon a plan to improve economy, overcome energy shortages and eradicate terrorism from the country. He expressed the hope that like economy, law and order situation would also improve so the country could get the much-needed betterment in the investment climate. Dar said Pakistan has suffered massive human losses along with around $80 billion losses to the economy, however, indirect losses are above all GDP growth has declined, investment have wiped out, there has been massive loss of jobs and unemployment have increased due to this war against terrorism, he added. Replying to a question on appreciation of Pak-Rupee against US Dollar from Rs.106 […]

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