Croatian Arms Factory HS-Produkt

After Yugoslavia disintegrated in the 1990’s, Croatia became an independent country. The result was also an internal conflict against various peoples and regions up until 1995 and again in 1999.

The lack of war material quickly became apparent, at the same time, the United Nations pronounced an embargo for military and strategic furnishing of all the belligerents.
The result was the development of local small arms factories, the most ingenious and dynamic of them evolving later into today’s Croatian armament industry.

The main producer of small arms in Croatia is HS Produkt, established in the city of Karlovac, located 35 miles South-West of Zagreb. It is a fully private company, with a modern factory and many CNC machines. They employ 1,850 people and the work is organized with 4) 6-hour shifts each day. During our visit, all of the small arms we saw were manufactured inside the factory, including cold hammering barrels and molding plastic components.

As stated by Mr. Zeljko Pavlin, the factory manager, the small arms production began in 1991 with ITM pistol’s so-called PHP (Prvi Hrvatski Pistol). The enterprise at this date was known as IM Metal and was established in Ozalj. Approx 10,000 pistols were made with milled frames. It looks like the Beretta 92, with a slide very close to
the Walther.

P 38. The pistol had a double action trigger mechanism and a bolt stop latch. Two variations did exist with short or long barrel.

Later the HS 95 pistol was developed, with a molded steel frame. It was designed like the SIG P226 pistol, with a square trigger guard, external hammer and single or double action and a de-cocking lever. It was used by the Army and police force (15,000 guns were produced).

In 2000, the HS 2000 was made with a polymer frame. It includes many characteristics inspired from both …read more

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