TAVORX-95: Bullpup Excellence

ABOVE: The author ran the gun through some CQB drills with the excellent Innovative Arms Grunt-M suppressor attached. The suppressor is hearing safe even indoors and is a mere 5 inches long and weighs less than 1 pound.

In early 2014 this author did an article on the just released IWI US Tavor SAR-16 bullpup rifle (see SAR V18 N1). The Tavor had just been released at that year’s SHOT Show and though it was the talk of the show I don’t think that anyone could have foreseen just how popular and sought after this new rifle would become.

The Tavors’ closest competitor in the US was probably the Steyr AUG, but it lacked the versatility of the Tavor as well as being more costly. In the last two years the Tavor has proved that it is the bullpup rifle to have and IWI US has sold thousands of the rifles. It was even chosen “Rifle of the Year” and received the Golden Bullseye Award by “American Rifleman” magazine in 2014. I believe that it has been on the cover of every major firearms publication in the US as well as on many overseas. You would think that with that kind of accolades and the tremendous sales that the Tavor has produced that IWI US would be happy to just sit back and enjoy having the number one bullpup rifle made. But no. Not being a company to rest on their laurels, this year they brought to market their newest version on the Tavor rifle called the X-95!

The only thing the author didn’t like about the new X-95 was that the Picatinny rail was not laser etched with location number markings.

While the Tavor SAR-16 was and still is an excellent rifle there were a few who complained about certain features of the …read more

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