Hanwha Defense unveils medium tank based on fighting vehicle chassis

South Kore’s Hanwha Defense corporation has unveiled a new variant of its K21 fighting vehicle with a 105mm gun at the at the ADEX 2017, Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition.

The K2 fighting vehicle with a 105mm gun is a medium tank is jointly developed by CMI Defence of Belgium and Hanwha Defense of South Korea. The K21 infantry fighting vehicle fitted CT-CV 105HP two-man turret developed by CMI Defence is a Belgium based military equipment maker that specializes in weapons systems for armored vehicles.

The main role of this tank is to support infantry. It is effective against armored and soft skin vehicles, buildings and fortifications. Also, it has the secondary anti-tank capability.The K21-105 is cheaper and more strategically and tactically mobile comparing with main battle tanks. Also is cheaper to produce and to maintain compared with main battle tanks.

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