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Serbian M02 Coyote HMG and 120mm Mortar Projectiles in Syria
By Yuri Lyamin with N.R. Jenzen-Jones

In recent days, reports have emerged of opposition groups within Syria in possession of Serbian-made arms and munitions. M62P8 120mm high explosive (HE) mortar projectiles and an M02 Coyote 12.7x108mm heavy machine gun have been identified. Whilst various weapons manufactured in the former Yugoslavia have been documented in Syria, these two items of Serbian origin have only recently been sighted.

A video posted to YouTube on February 12, 2016, by the group Jabhat Ansar al-Din shows the emplacement, loading and firing of a 120mm mortar near Quneitra, in southwest Syria. Cyrillic inscriptions visible on the mortar projectiles and packaging indicate that the rounds being fired are M62P3 120mm HE projectiles, produced in the Former Yugoslavia (at Soko Vit d.o.o., in what is now Bosnia and Herzegovina). These are still produced by Pretis d.d. in BiH, and they are exported from former Yugoslav states. The M62P3 projectile has a maximum range of some 6050 meters, and delivers a 2.25-kilogram charge of TNT.

On February 16, 2016, images posted to a Syrian rebel fighter’s Facebook account show a Serbian M02 Coyote 12.7x108mm heavy machine gun. The Coyote is a copy of the Soviet NSV and is produced by Zastava Arms, in Kragujevac. It is distinguished from the NSV by various cosmetic differences, most notably the distinctive stock, pistol grip and tripod. The rivet pattern is very similar to that of the NSV. The M02 is manufactured and offered for export in two versions, one chambered for 12.7x108mm (as seen here) and another in .50 Browning (12.7x99mm).

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