Promoting Partnerships over Politics in Paris

In the spirit of bilateral partnership, this summer Tom Kallman (right) invited French President Emmanuel Macron (left) to visit American exhibitors on opening day of the Paris Air Show 2017.

At Milipol Paris 2017, the USA and Canada Pavilions are Invitations to International Cooperation

It has been two years since the last Milipol Paris. “What’s new in your country?”

Depending on where you’re from and where you stand, you could easily mistake that as a political statement. Since the 2015 show, there have been more than 50 presidential elections around the world. Add parliamentary or legislative contests, appointed posts and related staff turnover, and there’s a lot of “what’s new” happening politically in most of our countries.

Considering the nature and outcomes of some of those elections—notably in the United Kingdom, France, South Korea, the Philippines and the United States—you could even be forgiven for hearing a tinge of exhaustion in the question. For some, the pace of change has been non-stop.

From Kallman Worldwide’s perspective (we’ve been organizing U.S. exhibitors at international events since 1963 and at Milipol events since the 1990s), the coincidence of the show with political shifts in one direction or another is “déjà vu all over again.” Over the past two decades, the UK has had five prime ministers, France and the U.S. have each had four presidents, South Korea six and the Philippines, five. Shifts happen.

Over the same period, global military spending has grown from $1 trillion to nearly $1.7 trillion, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. Consensus forecasts see global homeland security spending approaching $600 billion by 2021.

In other words, palace intrigue may be a perennial conversation starter at Milipol Paris, but it’s not the conversation: the business environment at Paris-Nord Villepinte would appear to be politics-proof, or at least agnostic.

Thus the question—and even more …read more

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