V9N6 Product Special: Suppressors

ABOVE: YANKEE HILL MACHINE 5.56 Turbo Suppressor

5.56 Turbo Suppressor

The Turbo™ was designed to meet the increasing demand for a quiet, yet lightweight sound suppressor that won’t break the bank. As the current state of the suppressor industry grows and evolves, the demand for a high-tech, cost-effective suppressor becomes more apparent. The TURBO utilizes a tubeless design made from heat treated 17-4 stainless steel along with a heat-treated 718 Inconel® blast baffle. The combination of these materials allows the suppressor to be full auto rated and designed for rigorous use.

5.56 Turbo Suppressor
Manufacturer: Yankee Hill Machine
Caliber: 5.56
Overall length: 6.5in
Diameter: 1.5625in
Weight: 13.5oz.
Factory-tested sound reduction: 134 dB
Materials: 17-4 stainless steel along with a heat treated 718 Inconel® blast baffle
Finish: N/A
MSRP (USD): $489
Website: yhm.net

Machine Gun Silencer (MGS)

The GEMTECH Machine Gun Silencer (MGS) is designed for use on M240 series of weapons and the MK48. The MGS utilizes GEMTECH’s World proven G-Core Technology and tames the sound of belt fed weapons to hearing safe levels for the shooter. The MGS features a built in Flash Hider to aid in flash mitigation and help conceal the gunner. The MGS has been tested to the most extreme procedures and is available for unit purchase. The technology of the MGS makes it perfect for the modern warfighter and is what makes GEMTECH the professional’s choice for decades.

Manufacturer: GEMTECH
Caliber: 7.62mm
Overall length: 8.125in
Diameter: 2in
Weight: 6oz
Factory-tested sound reduction: 33dB
Materials: 17-4 stainless steel
Finish: Corrosion-resistant stainless steel
MSRP (USD): $2,199
Website: www.gemtech.com


The Sandman-K was built for fighting, not hiding. It offers the same durability and solid one-handed mounting system as the Sandman-S and L, but in an even more agile package. Weighing just 12.8 ounces and adding only 2.9 inches to your rifle, it was born from the spirit of fighting rifle needs around the globe.

Manufacturer: Dead Air Silencers
Caliber: Multi—Up to .300 …read more

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