Vortex Razor Red Dot Offers Lightweight Durability

ABOVE: The Razor adds little weight or bulk to the Aklys Defense ZK22 bullpup conversion of 10-22 action.

Designed in 2012, the Vortex Razor Micro Red Dot has been much emulated but remains a uniquely capable design. Unlike the visually similar knock-offs, it is both light enough and sufficiently robust to hold up to the recoil impact of pistol slide mounts. On the surface, it’s a conventional open-emitted Red Dot, albeit smaller than most. On the inside, it has unique features that make it tougher than the competition.

The sight is very small and light—1.4 ounces without the mount. A mount for a Glock slide, the same part as for the C-More STS, would add next to nothing. EGW makes a mount to replace the SIG P220 or M1911 rear sight with the Razor. Springer Precision makes the same for the Springfield XD and XDM series. A mostly similar Vortex Venom Red Dot may be used for pistols like the Smith & Wesson M&P. A low Picatinny mount—a very superior design in itself—adds 1.1 ounces to the package. A tall Picatinny mount for co-witnessing on the AR15 and other straight stock rifles adds just a little more. 45-degree and horizontally offset mounts are also available for backup use around magnified optics. The diminutive size and light weight make the Razor Micro Red Dot suitable for a variety of firearms with little effect on the balance or handling. The availability of low mounts makes this sight especially suitable for drop stock designs like the Ruger 10-22. Not surprisingly, it is very popular with rimfire challenge shooters. The low Picatinny mount is unusually robust, using a solid rectangular cross member instead of requiring the adjustment screw to do double duty as often happens on cheap knock-offs. Combined with the extreme recoil resistance of the …read more

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