Ukrainian designer inject new ideas into military vehicle for U.S. Marines

The U.S. Marine Corps launched the program to harnesses industry and innovative solutions to create new Modular Logistics Vehicle that will meet a range of logistical missions.

According to the U.S. Marines, this Modular Logistics Vehicle (MLV) will exemplify the innovative-hacker spirit of the Marines, turning it into something available to the entire Marine Corps. For this, are considered technical ideas and concepts from all comers.

In this project already participates Ukrainian designer of military equipment Andrii Melnyk, who offered his concept of new Folded Module Logistic Vehicle.

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The Folded Module Logistic Vehicle is a concept of the newest type of air-transportable, multirole transport vehicle designed to meet the requirements of highly-mobile airborne forces.

The new vehicle is able to transport as an internal/external load by the medium cargo helicopters or tiltrotor aircraft such as V-22 Osprey. Dimensions of the vehicle are under given limits only in folded condition because the rest of time (90%) it is used outside of hull of V-22 Osprey aircraft.

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The layout new vehicle has a forward engine between front wheels, crew cab in the centre and troop compartment at the rear.

In the rear part of a vehicle is mechanical switcher that allows connecting drive shaft to an electric generator (in the same time – disconnect shaft from rear axle).

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