The Innovators: A Tour of the Spuhr Factory in Malmo

As a competition shooter, not only do I spend my free time practicing and shooting matches, but I also spend a lot of time reading about the latest gear and equipment so I can have the most advantages possible when competing. In North America, sports/competitive shooters easily outspend hunters in equipment and there are a lot of products made specifically for them.

With the recent rise in popularity in Precision Rifle Series (PRS) matches, these shooters are always looking for the best scope mount for their rifles. In my humble opinion, the scope mount is just as important as the scope itself. For example, you can have the most expensive $4,000 rifle scope but with a set of cheap rings, it’s almost a guarantee that your rifle will not hold zero. The scope mount has to be lightweight yet very strong, and offer additional features such as a bubble leveler or optional Angle Cosine Indicator (ACI). The three-gun competitors also want to have the best cantilever mount for the latest 1-6x or 1-8x rifle scopes on their AR rifles.

Spuhr Aimpoint M4 quick-detach mount with elevation knob with integrated magnifier twist mount.

The Idea

In 2009, a Swedish man named Hakan Spuhr came up with the idea to make a rifle scope mount where the rings are cut diagonally instead of horizontally. The idea first came when he noticed army snipers had to modify their rear A.R.M.S. ring by cutting a corner off as the ring itself blocked the view of the windage turret. He looked at it and thought, why not turn the scope ring 45-degrees, so the screws are not blocking the elevation and windage turrets? This may sound like a fairly simple idea; however, nobody had attempted to make scope rings that way before. He patented the design but, in addition, …read more

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