Syrian troops seized French-made APILAS anti-tank systems in Daraa province

The Syrian government announced on 10 July that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) troops had seized several French-made APILAS anti-tank weapon system in Daraa province, in the south-west of the country.

The local media have released imagery showing a captured two APILAS anti-tank weapon systems developed in France by GIAT Industries. According to the news report, the anti-tank weapon systems were seized by SAA in Jadal village in Daraa province.

The APILAS (Armor-Piercing Infantry Light Arm System) is a 112 mm recoilless anti-tank weapon system intended for use against main battle tanks. The effective range of APILAS is from 25 m up to 500 – 600 m depending on the target. The shaped charge warhead is electrically fused and will detonate at impact angles up to 80 degrees.

The use of the APILAS anti-tank weapon system was spotted in Syria and before. As early as 2015, a couple of systems of this type were seized from Free Syrian Army (FSA) militants.

Some source claims that the APILAS systems fell into Syria from Jordan.

As to date know that over 120,000 of the APILAS launchers have been produced, and they are in service with many countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Jordan, Italy, France and other.

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