CMMG MkG 9mm GUARD/Vortex Razor® AMG™ UH-1™ Holographic Sight

The UH-1’s housing “disappears” when focusing on the holographic projected reticle.

Innovations in AR Platform and Optics Make a Perfect Team

The urge to take advantage of AR modularity, ergonomics, optics mounting and accuracy with cartridges other than 5.56mm cartridge has constantly appealed to the shooting community. CMMG has experience with this in the form of their highly successful Mk47 Mutant 7.62×39 and MkW ANVIL .458 SOCOM rifles. CMMG has taken this a step further with their new MkG GUARD platform.

The CMMG MkG GUARD is not merely another 9mm blowback AR-pattern weapon. CMMG has designed a patent pending Radial Delayed Blowback (RDB) operating system. The advantages are numerous for both manufacturer and, more importantly, the user. CMMG is able to reduce manufacturing cost by using similar tooling, methods, parts and techniques familiar to the AR-15 versus the hunk of metal typical of the bolt group from previous blowback AR SMG models. The user is rewarded with a 9mm AR rifle that is not only lighter overall but also offers lighter recoil during use. This is because a heavy bolt mass is no longer needed to control pressures as in a strictly blowback operating method.

The CMMG RDB rotates and unlocks (a la AR-15) before cycling to the rear versus just moving rearward upon a round being fired and thus slows the bolt carrier group enough to allow pressure to drop, allowing for safe functioning. The CMMG MkG GUARD’s bolt carrier is much lighter than a 9mm AR using standard blowback method. This translates into less recoil and a more controllable rifle in rapid fire since the pound or more metal mass is no longer recoiling rearward then slamming forward again.

CMMG MkG 9mm GUARD AR pistol with a Vortex Razor AMG UH-1 optic mounted combine for a near perfect tandem.

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