ENHANCING LETHALITY: Night Combat Capabilities

This article describes one example of a multisensor thermal binocular for sniper team use and some selected top modern night combat vision scopes for rifles. But first, as an example, here is some technical information for one state-of-the-art fused goggle system (FGS).

Fusion Goggle—Enhanced

The L-3 Warrior Systems, Insight Operations’ Fusion Goggle–Enhanced (FGE) is a helmet-mounted, dual waveband goggle which is smaller and lighter than its FGS predecessors.

By incorporating the latest in technology developments, the FGE, compared to the FGS-PI, boasts over a 20% reduction in both size and weight. The FGE provides targeting and identification in all battlefield conditions and light levels. The FGE uses image intensification technology fused with thermal imagery, thereby bridging the gap in performance and capability for both of these sensors. The FGE is based upon the combat-proven Insight FGS and is compatible with aiming lasers in the 820–850nm range. The FGE has a dual waveband helmet-mounted goggle providing improved situational awareness, targeting and identification over standard night vision goggles. It incorporates two high-performance ETO (L3 electron tube operations) 18mm I2 tubes and an L-3 IRP 17µm FPA (focal plane array) fused into the right eye. The objective focus adjustment is from 18 inches to infinity. It’s fully qualified per MIL-STD-810E. When helmet-mounted, it’s adjustable for operator comfort. The FGE is compatible with a wireless pod and interoperable with mission computers, externally generated super video graphics array (SVGA) data and full-motion video receivers, etc. Its weight is 1.4lb (0.635kg) goggle only, excluding the helmet-mount hardware, power-plate hardware, cold-weather battery pack and power cable. There are two battery packs for use: a cold-weather battery pack (4) 1.5-volt AA batteries and a low-profile battery pack (4) 3-volt lithium CR123 batteries. The batteries’ operating life is approximately 8 hours of continuous operation.

The magnification is 1x and the field of view …read more

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