Turbocharging Your Back-Up Gun: Amping Up the Glock 43

It began as furtive whispers at the SHOT Show and hushed conversations in the back corners of gun shops across our storied land. “I hear Glock is making a single-stack carry gun. Do you think it’s really true?” was the gist. We diehard gun nerds were veritably apoplectic with anticipation.

The Glock is as much a phenomenon as a handgun. The name would have seemed nonsensical in the 1970s, not unlike fahrvergnugen or Schwarzenegger. Nowadays, that blocky plastic handgun is a ubiquitous feature any place people tend to shoot each other. This lightweight, uber-reliable smoke pole has set the industry standard for rugged functionality. With no extraneous switches one need only point and click to get the job done. The thing even runs underwater.

For all its undeniable Teutonic charm, however, those early Glock pistols were bulky contrivances. The G17 was a service pistol designed to ride on your hip or thigh in a proper holster. As thick as a good-sized banana and about as long, Gaston’s early efforts were just not terribly concealable. Then in 2015 Glock released the slim, single-stack 9mm G43, and the earth moved just a little bit.

The Full Monty from TangoDown includes an extended magazine release, an improved slide release lever, an upgraded back plate for the slide and an extended magazine upgrade kit.

Pertinent Particulars

Compared to previous full-sized Glocks the G43 was positively anorexic. The gun is just over an inch wide at the slide release, while the slide remains even skinnier. At a tad over 6 inches long and 4 inches high the G43 seemed destined for every Law Enforcement ankle holster in the country. Considering 65% of America’s cops pack Glock service pistols it seemed a natural fit. For all its way-cool awesomonium, however, there still remains a place or two wherein the gleaming G43 …read more

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