Paratus Full Auto: DRD Tactical’s Takedown Jackhammer

ABOVE: Right side view of Paratus select-fire DMR, with Trijicon VCOG 1×6 optic, Elite Iron Bravo 1 suppressor and Harris bipod with cant lock.

Longtime readers of Small Arms Defense Journal and Small Arms Review are probably aware of this author’s penchant for takedown, discreet firearms. High quality, accurate, effective, concealed DMR type packages that look innocuous and can be snapped quickly into action. One other focus has always been finding controllable, lightweight 7.62x51mm full autos. Yes, I was weaned on my beloved M16A1, and yes, I’ve tested, collected, trained with and used almost every 5.56mm rifle out there. They’re still all rifles with a restricted range and effect due to the cartridge, and in my heart I’m an old .30 cal/.45acp guy. After a lifetime of experience with FALs, M14s, G3s and countless other true battle rifles, I’m glad to see that the great-grandchildren of Gene Stoner’s AR-10 have been coming into their own of late as select-fire rifles. First, LMT and Law Enforcement International had their custom 7.62x51mm select-fire offering in Jordan, which evolved quickly into Great Britain’s current Designated Marksman’s Rifle, the L129A1 “Sharpshooter”—one hell of a rifle serving proudly and effectively in Afghanistan, but alas, no selector switch. Small Arms Defense Journal covered it in Volume 3, Number 3. Next, Patriot Ordnance Factory presented the P308FA, which Small Arms Defense Journal covered in Volume 8, Number 1. We were truly impressed with the small size, weight and amazing controllability of the POF offering. In Volume 9, Number 1, I covered the DRD Tactical Paratus takedown rifle, developing a whole backpack system for what I believe to be the best covert takedown DMR around. All of these articles are online at sadefensejournal.com.

Left side of Paratus select-fire rifle in a CQB configuration with Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic.

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