Ukraine army receives new batch of modern military vehicles

The Ukrainian military received 70 units weapons and military equipment, in particular, the modernized T-72 tanks, new BTR-3, the “Stugna-P” and “Corsar” anti-tank missile systems, mobile all-round radars “Delta”, the newest armored car “Warta” and “Novator”, as well as 82-mm mortars of Ukrainian production.

According to the NSDC, the T-72 tank is a combat vehicle that has undergone a major upgrade, which allows it to be used effectively in modern combat. “The domestic BTR-3, which was deeply modernized after use in combat conditions, has very well demonstrated itself in the East, which has significantly increased the efficiency and allowed to reach the high accuracy of fire from all types of weapons”, – he noted.

“Powerful, efficient and reliable anti-tank missile systems produced by the “Luch” Design Bureau are well-known far outside the country and are in great demand on foreign armaments markets”, – Mr. Turchynov said adding that, in particular, “Stugna-P” is not inferior to “not only Russian but also European and American analogs”.

He informed that only over 3 quarters of the current year, the enterprises of the SC “Ukroboronprom” transferred to the Ukrainian army “more than 3500 units of armament and military equipment, including over 2000 units of new and upgraded weapons”. “We are talking about armored, marine and aviation equipment, missile artillery weapons, air defense systems, communications means, and radio electronic warfare”, – the NSDC Secretary noticed, expressing the hope that the pace of providing new weapons and military equipment to our army and others power structures should not decrease in the next year. “I hope this will be reflected in the state defense order for the next year and in the budget which should be approved by the parliament in the nearest future”, – he added.

In addition, Mr. Turchynov noted that the non-state …read more

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