Taking Aim: Sniper’s Compete in the 5th Annual Israeli Defense Force Competition

ABOVE: U.S. Army Sniper Course Instructors competing in the target detection event.

Along white, sun-burned hilltops outside the city of Modi’in, snipers from around the world convened in July at Camp Adam to compete in the 5th annual Israeli Defense Force sniper competition. This was the first year of the competition that had competitors from different nations compete alongside IDF’s best and brightest combat tested snipers.

The IDF sniper competition isn’t your ordinary competition. Each stage is meticulously planned to emphasis the skills needed to succeed at combat; for with every passing day, the IDF is deployed along the borders of Israel, protecting their homeland from those who wish to do harm upon the state of Israel. The IDF’s mission is to defend the existence, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the state of Israel; to protect the inhabitants of Israel and to combat all forms of terrorism which threaten the daily life of Israelis. The IDF is built upon the principles of speed, aggression, and audacity. A sniper commander who is in charge of a three-man sniper team, does not expect the luxury of being able to appeal for instructions to higher command. He is on his own and his training allows him make decisions in the field without hesitation.

The counter-terrorism school located at Camp Adam was founded in 2012, and is divided into three sections: counter-terrorism, marksmanship, and sniper training. It trains both elite soldiers and ordinary infantry forces. Its staff members instruct others in combat, but also take part in counter-terrorism missions themselves on a regular basis. The IDF use their snipers in three distinct roles and applications; infantry, reconnaissance and counter terrorism operations.

A member of the Canadian JTF2 unit scans for targets.

The role of the infantry sniper has them operating as part of an infantry company or platoon. The …read more

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