Saudi Arabia receives modern Ukrainian guided weapon systems

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior has received a modern Ukrainian-made anti-tank guided weapon systems.

The notice by the ImportGenius said that the in August 2018, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior has received batch of newest Skif and Corcar anti-tank guided weapon systems from Ukraine through state-owned company “Progress”.

According to notice by the ImportGenius, “Progress” company delivered to the Ministry of the Interior of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through the port of Nikolaev, anti-tank guided weapon systems and missiles manufactured by the Kyiv State Design Bureau ‘LUCH’ for an estimated cost of $ 24,2 million.

The batch of anti-tank guided weapon systems included 30 Skif anti-tank guided weapon systems with thermal imaging cameras, 15 Corsar light guided weapon systems and other related equipment.

The Skif system consists of the missile (R2S and R2I with a diameter of 130mm and a maximum range of 5,000m) in its disposable launcher tube, the missile guidance package and sighting system, adjustable tripod and thermal imaging camera which designed for detection, recognition and identification of threats at longer ranges during day-night and adverse weather conditions.

The Corsar is the smallest anti-tank guided missile intended to destroy stationary and moving modern armoured targets and other objects with combined, carried or monolithic armour, including ERA (explosive reactive armour), as well as pinpoint targets such as weapon emplacements, a tank in a trench, light-armoured objects and helicopters. The Corsar systems use RK-3OF missiles with a diameter of 107 mm and a maximum range of 3,000m .

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