Algeria confirms acquisition of Chinese SM4 self-propelled mortars

Algerian Ministry of National Defense has released photographs that confirmed the acquisition of Chinese SM4 self-propelled mortar system.

Several recently received SM4 self-propelled mortars were seen in video footage and photographs released on 7 January to show the ‘Borkane 2019′ exercise carried out in the 2nd Military Region in northeast Algeria.

According to Armyrecognition.com, the new SM4 is a 120mm self-propelled mortar mounted on the chassis of the WMZ551 6×6 wheeled armoured vehicle.

The SM4 self-propelled mortar is able to fire a variety of ammunition, it offers a large fire coverage, short reaction time and small recoil. Its maximum firing range varies from 7,500 to 13,000m, depending on ammunitions type.

The SM4 is equipped with a ballistic computer that calculates gun setting data, assists the gunner in firing, stores and processes various data and commands to improve operational effectiveness.

The SM4 features manual muzzle loading and anti-recoil mechanism. Two firing modes are available: pull action fuse and impact action fuse. Capable to carry up to 30 complete rounds, the SM4 has a max. rate of fire of 12 to 15 rounds per minute. A 12.7mm MG as defensive armament is mounted on the vehicle for defensive purposes. High running speed (max. On-road speed of 100km/h), excellent cross-country performance and great maneuverability allow the SM4 to avoid counter-battery fire.

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