Innovative: Nammo’s New M72 FFE—An Achievement in Perfect Countermass Balance

ABOVE: Nammo’s liquid countermass maintains uniform viscosity across all war fighting environmental temperature ranges. The atomized cloud formed by mass ejection is relatively small and rapidly dissipates from the air in seconds.

When new technology emerges, we all hear descriptive terms used like “state-of-the-art,” “revolutionary” and “decisive.” These terms attempt to describe a technology that clearly separates it from its competitors. None of these terms adequately describes Nammo’s M72 FFE (Fire from Enclosure). Why not? Because the M72 FFE provides a “divisive” advancement in countermass propulsion capability and warhead effectiveness.

Founded in 1960 by Franz Talley with U.S. headquarters in Mesa, Arizona, the Nammo Talley Corporation has been an innovator in the development of aircrew escape systems, automobile airbag components, shoulder-fired weapons systems and other key propellant-loaded devices. Specializing in the design, development and manufacture of ammunition and energetic material solutions, Nammo is a world-class provider of ammunition, rocket motors and demilitarization services for both military and civilian customers.

Looking outwardly similar to the Vietnam vintage M72 LAW (Light Anti-armor Weapon), Nammo’s M72 FFE is not an improved version of the M72 LAW. Then why the M72 designation one might ask? Think of the M72 as a “family” of munitions that has shared some design and component features over several different generations of configuration. As the field of Materials Science evolved, so did the options for new launcher and warhead designs. New modeling capabilities additionally enhanced Nammo’s design lanes facilitating technology breakthroughs in fuzing, explosives and propellants. In turn, this allowed Nammo to tailor M72 performance to the warfighter’s operational needs. Perhaps a quick historical review might be helpful to establish a better understanding of why the M72 FFE offers a significant advancement in recoilless shoulder-fired weapons.

When the M72 FFE is extended for firing, its length totals only 38.6 inches with a …read more

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