Ukrainian Army received 50 second-hand BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles in 2018

The Armed Forces of Ukraine has received 50 second-hand BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles in 2018, according to a news release put out by SpetsTechnoExport.

In 2018, the SE SpetsTechnoExport, which is a part of the State Concern UkrOboronProm, delivered to Ukraine fifty BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles, the deficient for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“The delivered BMPs have never been in service and were stored at the capacities of licensed enterprises of the European Union. During 2017-2018, BMP-1 completed a major overhaul with the replacement of all the necessary units, in accordance with the technical specifications of the EU repair factories,” said in a news release.

Also added that the last batch of the contracted infantry fighting vehicles was delivered to Ukraine in December 2018: all armored vehicles are delivered on time, there are no claims for completeness and quality. As of today, armored vehicles are already operated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and participate in combat missions.

Notably, the Armed Forces of Ukraine ordered newly overhauled BMP-1AK infantry fighting vehicles from Polish company Wtorplast, who in turn received the infantry fighting vehicles from the Czech company Excalibur.

According to a source familiar with the deal said, the purchase of a batch of overhauled BMP-1AK infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) is intended for operational strengthening the combat capacity of the Ukrainian Ground Forces. The BMP-1AK (AK – Anti Kumulyativnaya or protect against HEAT attacks in English) is a special variant of Soviet-made infantry fighting vehicle developed for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Externally, the BMP-1AK is almost no different from the Soviet one. The major differences between BMP-1AK and bases version in the assembly quality and onboard equipment.

The BMP-1AK IFV is equipped with optical devices, periscopes and night vision, modern radio station and has more capable of operating in all weather conditions as well …read more

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