U.S. Army conduct airdrop test of new JLTV

The U.S. Army has reported that 82nd Airborne Division Soldiers are in the final phases of airdrop testing five configurations of the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV).

The JLTV Family of Vehicles is a joint military program that will partially replace the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) once fielded.

During the test, Soldiers from A Company, 407th Brigade Support Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, rigged, airdropped, and recovered the JLTVs on the drop zone along with the U.S. Army Operational Test Command’s (OTC) Airborne and Special Operations Test Directorate (ABNSOTD).

“Multiple configurations with both light and ‘up-armored’ JLTV models are air-dropped, then road tested to ensure they are still operational and fully mission capable after reaching the ground,” said Mr. Wayne G. Lovely, Military Test Plans Analyst, Airborne and Special Operations Test Directorate, U.S. Army Operational Test Command.

The test team is conducting 15 low-velocity airdrops of the vehicle — three drops per configuration.

JLTV air drop testing began with Soldiers taking operators and new equipment training by trainers from Oshkosh, the vehicle manufacturer.

During the JLTV operator’s training, paratroopers were trained in vehicle operation, employment, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

“New equipment training ensures paratroopers are adequately trained to operate the vehicle under test,” said Lovely. “Once testing begins, the paratroopers are capable of acting as both operators and maintainers of the vehicle.”

Pvt. Rylan Brown, a Signal Support Systems Specialist from A Company, 407th BSB, 2 BCT said he looks forward to his unit receiving the new JLTVs that will be replacing the HMMWVs this summer.

“I am glad to be part of the development of the JLTVs airdrop rigging, and would share his knowledge and ability to rig them with others in his company,” said Brown.

One ABNSOTD Project NCO in its Aerial Delivery Rigging Branch explained the importance of airdrop testing new Army equipment.

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