USA begin mass-producing latest variant of Abrams tanks

The latest variant of Abrams tanks, called M1A2C, is now being mass produced at the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center in Lima.

The Joint Systems Manufacturing Center in Lima, or JSMC, is the only facility that produces the family of M1 Abrams tank and now begins mass-producing of latest M1A2C also know as M1A2 SEPv3.

This version rectifies many of space, weight and power issues identified during Operation Iraqi Freedom and will be the foundational variant for all future incremental upgrades.

In addition to having improved survivability, the Abrams M1A2C can host any mature technology the Army deems operationally relevant. Improvements focus on increasing the electrical power margin, Vehicle Health Management Systems, integrated counter-improvised explosive device protection, a new Auxiliary Power Unit, embedded training and an ammunition data link.

The 70-ton Abrams M1A2C is the most reliable Abrams tank ever produced, will decrease the Army’s logistic burden, and leads the Army in enterprise-level connectivity to maintenance and supply systems.

The M1A2C will be equipped Trophy APS that eliminates enemy threats, such as rocket propelled grenades and anti-tank guided missiles.

The MBT measures 9.7m-long, 3.7m-wide and 2.4m-high, and is manned by a crew of four, including a driver, a commander, a loader and a gunner.

According to several media reports, the U.S. Army has signed a $714 million delivery order to upgrade an additional 174 M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks to the state-of-the-art M1A2 System Enhancement Package Version 3 (SEPv3) configuration or M1A2C.

The Joint Systems Manufacturing Center in Lima will employ 935 individuals to produce 34 tanks each month.

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