U.S. Army wants a new 360-degree counter-drone system

The U.S. Army is looking for information on a 360-degree counter-drone system capable to detect unmanned aircraft systems weighing less than 20 pounds.

The recently published post on the federal business opportunities website is asking industry for information for market research purposes to understand industry capability to provide a vehicle-based cueing sensor capable of providing real-time alerts to an existing on-board precision fire control radar (PFCR).

The Army Contracting Command disclosed request for a new cueing sensor that can be configured to operate on Army Ground Combat vehicles including HMMWV, Bradley, Stryker, Abrams, Joint Light Tactical Vehicle [JLTV], and next-generation combat vehicles.

The request stresses that new sensors should be small, lightweight, affordable, and be suitable for stationary and on-the-move operations.

The new counter-drone system should detect a group of an unmanned aerial system, with approximately 20 lbs takeoff weight, in 360 degrees of coverage from a stationary vehicle.

Also noted that cues must be provided/updated on no less than 10 simultaneous targets. No more than one false cue can be declared for every 100 nuisance targets detected.

The new system would be mounted to an Army’s combat vehicles that will detect, identify and defeat “ballistic low altitude drone” during stationary and on-the-move operations.

As a result of issuing this request for information, the U.S. Government expects to receive white papers describing proposed concepts and technologies. The request responses should identify sensor designs that will support the Armaments Center system concept and include a credible development path, with rough order magnitude estimates provided on costs and timeline.

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