U.S. Army seeks to find mission command concepts for operating Soldiers and robots as effective teams

The U.S. Army Futures Command is developing new mission command concepts that will enable Soldiers and robots to operate as effective teams in the future, according to Daniel Lafontaine.

Mission command is the Army’s philosophy of command and a warfighting function that promotes freedom and speed of action. It combines the centralized intent from the commander with the decentralized execution of subordinate commanders, who then decide how best to achieve the commander’s objectives.

In executing mission command, commanders must have a broad perspective, understanding and knowledge of activities throughout the operational area. Commanders, while clearly relaying their intent, must also trust their teams to execute. Similarly, trust and understanding of commander’s intent must be relayed from the bottom to the top to ensure success in complex operational environments.

The Combat Capabilities Development Command, or CCDC, a major subordinate command within Army Futures Command, is exploring the extent to which robotics can be complementary to commanders and their staff during this decision-making process.

“It’s paramount that commanders and their staff be able to make the best possible decision at the right time, given their circumstances and the information that is available to them,” said Osie David, a chief engineer within CCDC’s Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance — or C5ISR — Center.

CCDC’s C5ISR Center is examining how best to maximize the capabilities of robotics through autonomy. This necessitates unobtrusively integrating robotic systems into the intent, trust and understanding cycle so that Soldiers do not have to spend a majority of their focus on operating robotic assets.

The Command of Robotic Systems program, or CoRS, is executed by the C5ISR Center’s Command, Power and Integration Directorate, or CP&ID.

With CoRS, the directorate is integrating emerging artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies with mission command capabilities to improve Soldiers’ decision-making during the planning, preparation and …read more

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