Singapore Army commissions new fully-digitalized armoured fighting vehicle

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) has announced on 11 June that commissioned a new fully-digitalized tracked armoured fighting vehicle, called the Hunter.

According to a statement, commissioned today by Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen, the Hunter Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV) is the Singapore Army’s first fully-digitalized platform and will provide greater firepower, protection, mobility and situational awareness for the Singapore Armed Forces operations.

The new vehicle was developed by the Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA), in collaboration with Singapore-listed defense conglomerate Singapore Technologies Engineering and the Singapore Army. The project was announced in March 2017.

Speaking at the parade, Dr Ng hailed the commissioning of the Hunter as a centrepiece of the Singapore Army’s transformation into the Next-Generation Army. The Hunter AFVs are tougher and more capable than the Ultra M113s they replace, enabling the Singapore Army to be a stronger, faster, smarter and more lethal advanced fighting force. Dr Ng said, “The Hunter replaces the Ultra M113 but represents a significant step-up in all areas – better firepower, mobility and protection. The Hunter fleet will require less manpower to operate, but with increased potency through the use of advanced technology.”

Dr Ng also said that the Hunter is the Singapore Army’s first fully digitalised platform with its suite of C4 (Command, Control, Communications and Computers) systems that will enhance the Army’s networked warfighting capabilities and increase its operational effectiveness. He said, “The Hunter is the Singapore Army’s first fully digitalised platform with C4 systems, which enables it to fight alongside other platforms in the SAF’s orbat. These network synergies allow the Hunter to sense more accurately and quicker, to strike fast with deadly precision across all terrains.” The design and development of the Hunter locally also attest to the professionalism and maturity of Singapore’s Defence Technology Community and …read more

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