U.S. Army Soldiers successfully conducts tactical road march in Romania

The U.S. Army has announced that Soldiers from the 1st Squadron, 2d Cavalry Regiment, successfully completed their border crossing during Saber Guardian 2019 traveling from Várpalota, Hungary to Cincu, Romania, June 15, 2019.

According to a news release put out by 2d Cavalry Regiment, Saber Guardian 2019 is an exercise co-led by the Romanian Land Forces and U.S. Army Europe as part of the summer 2019 series of exercises to improve the integration of multinational combat forces; support from host nations fosters longstanding partnerships with our NATO allies, Hungary and Romania.

“I am the chalk leader of the movement from Germany all the way through Hungary and Romania,” said 1st Lt. Connor Meyer, infantry officer and platoon leader, Apache Troop, 1/2CR. “I make sure we link in with the personnel that we need to link in with, make sure we make the right route and make the right turns.”

Serving as the movement’s chalk leader was not the only mission for Meyer.

“I am in charge of a platoon, and I listen to my troop commander and guide my platoon towards the mission,” said Meyer. “For us to complete our mission, I make sure my platoon conducts the attack or defense.”

SG19 would be Meyer’s first tactical road march across countries.

“It takes a lot of, especially when we’re back in Germany, making sure you got all of the personnel, all of the vehicles; because whenever you get to the border, they’re checking everything to make sure you have everything squared away,” explained Meyer.

“We usually stage in Germany at Rose Barracks about a day before we actually have to head out. We stage out there in the giant field with all of our vehicles, and we check to make sure that all of our vehicles are good to go, everything is tied down and all …read more

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