U.S. Army issues market survey for 120mm mortar system

The U.S. Army is seeking information from industry for the 120mm Mortar Weapon Systems, according to a Jun 05 announcement posted on the U.S. government’s main contracting website.

The market survey released by the Army Contracting Command shows that the Army is renewing an effort to procure of 120 mm mortar system.

The U.S. Army Contracting Command- New Jersey (ACC-NJ), Picatinny Arsenal, NJ on behalf of the Project Manager for Combat Ammunition Systems (PM CAS) is conducting a Market Survey to identify potential sources that are capable of producing and storing the 120mm Mortar Weapon Systems.

According to the announcement, the purpose of this market survey is to obtain current information on the capability of potential sources to manufacture, integrate into a complete system, and deliver these weapon systems starting in FY 2021.

Also said that the Government estimates that approximately 200 120mm Mortar Systems may be purchased over a five year period.

The Army Contracting Command noted that the 120mm Mortar Systems are broken out as follows and may include GFP if noted:

M120A1 (Towed), M326 Mortar Stowage Kit, and M1101 Light Tactical Trailer

  • Cannon: M298
  • Baseplate: M9A1
  • Bipods: M191
  • Sight Units: M67
  • BII for 120A1 Towed Mortar Weapon System
  • DS Tool Kits for 120mm Mortar Weapon System
  • Additional Authorized List (AAL)
  • M326 Mortar Stowage Kit
  • M1101 Light Tactical Trailer (GFP)

M121 (Carrier-Mounted) Mortar Weapon System

  • Cannon: M2989
  • Baseplate: M9A1
  • Bipods: M191
  • Sight Units: M67
  • BIIs for M121 Carrier-Mounted Mortar Weapon System
  • DS Tool Kit for 120mm Mortar Weapon System
  • Additional Authorized List (AAL)
  • Blast Attenuation Device (BAD)

The M120A1 Towed/M121 Carrier Mounted 120mm Mortar Weapon Systems provide organic indirect fire support to battalion maneuver commanders and can rapidly respond to hostile threats. The 120mm weapon system increases range, lethality, illumination, and smoke screening effectiveness in Infantry Brigade Combat Teams (IBCTs) and Armored Brigade Combat Teams (ABCTs).

The M120A1 Towed/M121 Carrier-Mounted 120mm Mortar Weapon Systems consist of one M9A1 baseplate assembly, one M191 bipod, and …read more

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