U.S. military used combat simulations for first time at Camp Edwards

The U.S. military has used pyrotechnics, smoke, CS gas, and tracer rounds during combat simulations for the first time at Camp Edwards on Cape Cod, according to Maj. Brett Walker.

The Massachusetts Army National Guard performed a Patriot Crucible 2019 military exercise on Cape Cod, July 27 – August 8 marks the first time in decades the military has used combat simulations at the Cape Cod military training grounds.

Camp Edwards, the site at which Patriot Crucible 2019 is taking place, is the Army portion of Joint Base Cape Cod. Other instillations on Joint Base Cape Cod include Otis Air Force Base and Coast Guard Station Cape Cod. Camp Edwards consists of 33,000 acres of land, including maneuver space as well as weapon ranges and simulation centers.

“There are enough facilities here to support an exercise of this size,” said Army Maj. Alexander McDonough, the Plans and Training Officer for Camp Edwards.

Patriot Crucible 2019 is an intense, two-week field exercise focused on preparing Army logistics and support units from across the northeast to participate in major combat operations against a near-peer enemy equipped with artillery, helicopters and trained troops. More than 800 soldiers from the Massachusetts and New Jersey Army National Guard are participating in the event. They include truck drivers, firefighters, chemical experts and military police.

Capt. Kyunghun Woo, an officer in 1st Army (East), is the Officer in Charge of observer controllers for Patriot Crucible 2019. Woo said this exercise involves a greater variety of units and soldiers than he is accustomed to seeing in battalion-level training exercises. Woo’s fulltime assignment for 1st Army is to observe and evaluate National Guard units during field exercises. In a typical year, he will evaluate five exercises.

“Overall, this exercise, from what I see, is well planned,” said Woo. “This is set up to allow …read more

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