Hawaii Army National Guard regiment will be first non Air Defense Artillery unit for C-RAM mission

Hawaii Army National Guard 487th Field Artillery Regiment was selected as the first non Air Defense Artillery unit to be trained on C-RAM operations outside of their primary Military Occupational Specialty of Field Artillery.

According to a statement released by the 117th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment, Hawaii Army National Guard unit makes history with C-RAM mission.

The 1-487th is the first field artillery unit to be assigned to perform the C-RAM protection mission.

The Counter-Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar System, or C-RAM, was developed based on operational needs identified in 2004 during military operations in Iraq. The C-RAM mission has one objective; to protect people and installations from attack from enemy rockets, artillery, and mortar fire by intercepting and destroying those threats mid-flight. Most often recognized by the visually stunning and menacingly sounding Phalanx Weapon System (LPWS) “gun,” the C-RAM system is several sub-systems working together to identify, track, engage, and destroy incoming rockets, artillery, and mortar threats.

As for the Soldiers of the 1-487th, they are honored to be the first field artillery unit selected for the C-RAM mission.

“We are very humbled and very excited,” said Staff Sgt. Matthew Migita, Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 1st Battalion, 487th Field Artillery.

Despite the excitement, Migita knows his Soldiers are only focused on learning their new responsibilities and preparing for their mission. Migita admits the C-RAM mission is different from the traditional roles found within the field artillery realm, but he is extremely satisfied with how his Soldiers are adapting.

“The Soldiers stepped up,” said Migita. “They’re all very battle-focused on making sure they know their jobs and making sure that we’re successful.”

That focus is well placed. According to Migita, in addition to this being the first deployment for many in the 1-487th, the Soldiers are also well-aware of the attention Army leaders are paying to their performance on …read more

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