PP-2000KBP’s : Answer for Russian Special Forces’ Fight Against Terrorism

By Lynndon Schooler

With the Bolshevik victory in 1922 bringing the cold and bloody Russian Civil War to a close, the multitude of Soviet directorates on defense and engineering scrambled to lay out the future socialist weapons manufacturing systems to rearm the Red forces with the technological advances of the young 20th century. For modern designs, the Tula Weapons Factory created a sub-organization for new designs and prototype drafting at the KBP Instrument Design Bureau. This department managed to survive the turmoil of both the Second World War and the collapse of the Soviet Union and continues to create weapons to face the Kremlin’s enemies in the new Russia. Along the way, it has witnessed the careers of many designers come and go, been decorated with a litany of Communist-era orders and medals and introduced prolific designs such as the TT pistol series, the Gsh-18 and an entire suite of anti-aircraft systems, like the Pantsir-S1. Now a joint-stock company, KBP has become one of the largest military arms suppliers in the Russian Federation. Modern rocket systems set aside, the most famous weapon from KBP in the hands of the modern Russian warfighter is arguably the PP-2000, a unique personal defense weapon (PDW) style submachine gun, and a design that gives the more conventional Vityaz design a real run for its money.

Development began in 2000 with two designers out of Tula, each with their own Soviet-era accolades. Arkady Georgievich Shipunov was a talented man with a sullen glaze over his eyes, but he hid behind his squinty gaze a lifetime of work that earned him the highest civilian honor in the Soviet Union: Hero of Socialist Labor. Shipunov got his start at TsNIITochMash in Klimovsk, but by 1962 he had earned his place as the General Designer and Head of …read more

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