U.S. Army demonstrates autonomous vehicle mobility technologies

The U.S. Army Engineers in partnership with industry have demonstrated the capabilities of future autonomous vehicle mobility technologies.

In early September, Army Futures Command commander Gen. John Murray visited U.S. Army CCDC Ground Vehicle Systems Center. Gen. John Murray heard from expert Army engineers and saw demonstrations of the Combat Vehicle Robotics (CoVeR) (based MRZR tactical vehicle platform) and the technology within the Coalition Assured Autonomous Resupply (CAAR) autonomous vehicles.

According to the current information, the objective of the CoVeR program to develop technologies that support scalable integration of multi-domain robotic and autonomous system maneuver capabilities teamed within Army formations supporting all combat warfighting functions.

Moreover, this program is anticipated to develop the foundational technologies, methods, and interface to mature Weaponized Robotic Platforms.

Military Engineers investigates vehicle behaviors to enable teamed robotic and autonomous systems to support specific capabilities supporting Army combat formations.

The program provides bases to design common user interfaces for remote lethality with limited targeting assist. The new software and algorithms will increase robotic reliability and function, and determine certified safety procedures for soldier-operated armed Unmanned Ground Vehicles.

Photo courtesy of Ground Vehicle Systems Center

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