U.S. Army legendary tank get’s a new paint job

The American first-generation main battle tank (MBT), M48 Patton, get’s a new paint job as part of a rennovation program.

The U.S. Army Central’s Historic M48 Patton Tank has served as the mascot for Patton Hall since Third Army was re-activated in 1983 at Fort McPherson. The tank has stood in front of the current Patton Hall, U.S. Army Central headquarters at Shaw Air Force Base since the building’s dedication in 2011 and will return when the preservation project is complete.

“Progress is well underway at the Logistics Readiness Center, Fort Knox, Ky. as the U.S. Army Central’s Historic M48 Patton Tank is expertly restored to its former glory before it’s returned to USARCENT HQ at Shaw, AFB, SC,” the U.S. Army Central message states.

M47 Patton tanks, built to replace the M46 model and Pershing-series tanks, saw action in the Korean War before being replaced by the more effective M48 in 1959.

The M48 underwent many design modifications and improvements during its production life. This led to a wide variety of suspension systems, cupola styles, power packs, fenders and other details among individual tanks.

The M48 served with the US and NATO countries in Europe, and the US Army and Marine Corps in Vietnam. While it looked similar to the M46 and M47, it was a completely redesigned tank with a new hull, turret and improved suspension.

The U.S. Army actively used the M48 tanks in Vietnam in a variety of roles which included clearing roads to ensure safe communication routes and protecting troop and supply convoys.

Photo by Bianka Lathan
Photo by Bianka Lathan

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