U.S. Army seeks new TITAN expeditionary intelligence ground station

The U.S. Army issued an updated government’s main contracting website notice to industry for technology to develop a new expeditionary intelligence ground station.

The Army is issuing a solicitation request to industry to collect information of future mobile intelligence ground station architecture to operate at brigade, division, corps and field Army echelons, in vehicles and shelters organic to the formation as part of the Tactical Intelligence Targeting Access Node (TITAN) project.

The system is a part of the future Battle Management Command and Communication program, a new-start in fiscal year 2020 estimated to cost the Army $93.5 million.

The TITAN is a scalable and modular ground station that supports deep sensing and provides real-time targeting data to support Long-range precision fires (LRPF). Enables federation of organic Army Aerial and Terrestrial sensors with assured access to National, Commercial and Army space sensors.

In addition, TITAN provides ‘multi-discipline intelligence support to targeting, and situational awareness and understanding for mission command’, according to the U.S. Army.

Early Army officials said that TITAN will combine deep sensing with long-range precision strike options to defeat enemy A2/AD, a doctrinal concept that the United States sees as a growing concern in Europe and Asia.

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