Anti-tank missile gunners get enhanced protection with new armored turret

Working with the U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Army engineers at Picatinny Arsenal have developed a new armored turret to provide greater survivability to TOW missile gunners without heaping extra weight on vehicles.

The venerable TOW missile takes its name from Tubed-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire-guided. A spool of wire, thousands of meters long, unwinds while the missile is in flight. Guidance data passes through the wire in real time, allowing the gunner to accurately steer the missile to its final destination. The firing sequence takes time, and the gunner’s confidence level must remain high.

The new TOW Objective Gunner Protection Kit (TOGPK 2.0) turret provides just the right balance of armor, situational awareness and weapon maneuverability to fight effectively, according to engineers at Picatinny.

Firing the TOW Missile is not a trivial operation. First, the gunner must confirm the target with absolute certainty. The weapon sights are then precisely aimed down range. The trigger is pulled and suddenly an intense shock wave fills the air. The missile is in flight. Now the gunner maintains full composure to patiently and steadily guide the missile directly to the target.

The Marines who operate this weapon can attest to its power. They are well-trained experts who deliver extreme amounts of energy on target.

“The TOGPK 2.0 is the latest turret that we developed jointly with the U.S. Marine Corps,” explained Thomas Kiel, who leads the engineering design of armored turret systems at Picatinny Arsenal. “The Marine Corps is an exceptional fighting force with very high expectations. Our close partnership with experienced warfighters during the design phase was especially helpful in meeting their needs.” Picatinny worked closely with the Marine Corps System Command, which has the ultimate decision authority over the requirements and final solution.

The Combat Capabilities Development Command Armaments Center, with headquarters at Picatinny, is responsible for designing protective turrets …read more

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