US Army leaders save $1.2 billion to fund modernization push

Army leaders have issued a full list of programs eliminated or reduced during the latest “night court” review, designed to help fund modernization priorities amid the Fiscal Year 2021 budget request.

In all, more than $1.2 billion was freed from legacy programs throughout the Army, with more than $868.9 million from 39 reductions, and $324.1 million from 41 eliminations, according to an official document released Friday.

An additional $9 billion is projected over the next five years in the Future Years Defense Program — or FYDP — as a financial reservoir for the force’s cross-functional teams in the Army’s six modernization pushes.

The modernization efforts include Long-Range Precision Fires, the Next-Generation Combat Vehicle, Future Vertical Airlift, Tactical Network, Air and Missile Defense, and Soldier Lethality.

This year was “much more tepid than last year” — when the Army set aside more than $30 billion, said Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy, at the National Press Club Friday. “Most of the programs were not as complex as last year.”

“The [fiscal 2021] budget of $178 billion will ensure the Army will remain the most lethal ground fighting force in the world now, and in the future,” McCarthy said, although the fiscal fallout is $2.2 billion less than the fiscal 2020 budget.

The full list of cuts — released shortly after McCarthy’s press club speech — mainly whittled down smaller totals from multiple programs, including $1.4 million held back on nine FIM-92 Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and more than $303,000 saved from six non-lethal M102 reloadable grenades.

Further slashes from the lists include more than $3.4 million in lasers, $4.8 million in armor protection kits, and $1.6 million in defense cyber tools, among other programs.

That said, a few larger items saved funding. The M2 Bradley upgrades took the most substantial cuts. About $222 million was saved by reducing M2 Bradley …read more

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