Author: DFNS

AUSA 2014: Polaris unveils SOCOM off-road vehicle

Polaris Defense plans to unveil its DAGOR ultra-light combat vehicle at an upcoming US Army conference, company officials said on 7 October. So far Polaris has received contracts for the vehicle from elements of...

Russia’s new Armata MBT to make its debut in 2015

The Russian Land Forces are to receive a first batch of 32 Armata main battle tanks (MBTs) in 2015, Russia’s Land Forces Commander, Colonel General Oleg Salyukov, has stated. The new MBT is expected...

US approves JASSM sale to Poland

The US Congress approved a possible sale to Poland for 40 AGM-158 Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missiles (JASSMs) and Polish Lockheed Martin F-16C/D Block 52 fighter aircraft upgrades on 2 October. Poland has requested a...

Iran shows updated Falaq-1 and -2 rocket systems

Iran displayed a new four-wheeled launch vehicle for its Falaq-1 and Falaq-2 unguided artillery rockets at a 2 October ceremony at the mausoleum of the late Imam Khomeini, in southern Tehran. Iranian Defence Minister...

RG21 Mine-Protected Vehicle

RG21 is a new 4×4 Mine-Protected Vehicle (MPV) launched by BAE Systems at the Africa Aerospace and Defense (AAD) exhibition held in September 2014. …read more

Australia, China and US begin Exercise Kowari 14

Australia, China and the US have started the first trilateral land exercise, Kowari 14, in the Northern Territory, strengthening defence cooperation between the three countries. …read more

Army Could Close Moncrief Hospital at Fort Jackson

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The U.S. Army may close Moncrief Army Community Hospital at Fort Jackson, according to Maj. Gen. Bradley Becker, the fort’s commander. Becker said that the Army medical command c… …read more

GEROH to Exhibit at AUSA 2014

GEROH and the WILL-BURT Group will be attending the 2014 AUSA exhibition from 13 to 15 October 2014 at the Walter E Washington Convention Center, Washington DC. …read more

Pakistan air strikes kill 15 militants

Pakistan’s military on Friday said it killed 15 insurgents in air strikes in a restive tribal district near the Afghan border, a region where it has been battling Islamist groups for more than a...

Polish weekend warriors up in arms over Russian threat

Commandos sneak up on a fortress in southern Poland. Camouflaged behind sandbags, they fire their Kalashnikov rifles to free the hostages. But the fortress is really a school and the machine guns are fake....

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