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Army Begs Industry For Help To Expand Satcom Capacity

Joe Welch, Army deputy PEO for tactical command, control and communications, says current satcom network in Geosynchronous Orbit creates a “single point of failure” for which there are few backups available. …read more Read...

Medium Caliber Weapon System (MCWS) [Sponsored]

Leonardo DRS’ MCWS solution provides enhanced lethality while maintaining the transportability, mobility and survivability of the platform. …read more Read more here:: Breaking Defense (Land)

SOSA Briefing Outlines Future Defense Sensor System Architectures

A Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) technical standard briefing at the Association of the United States Army annual conference outlined the future embedded computing design approach to developing and upgrading electronic warfare, signals intelligence,...

Army Launches 16-Year Plan To Tackle Russia, China

The Army Modernization Strategy aims to counter Russia by 2028 and China by 2035 — but Congress can’t pass a budget for this year. …read more Read more here:: Breaking Defense (Land)

Electronic Warfare [Sponsored]

Leonardo DRS is leading the industry with its Integrated Electronic Warfare (EW) System, providing warfighters with complete situational awareness of the enemy. …read more Read more here:: Breaking Defense (Land)

3D Mapping for Army Hinges On Bandwidth

Gary Blohm, director of the Army Geospatial Center, said 3D is important to troop training and to operational planning because it “helps us navigate, especially when we get to urban environments.” …read more Read...

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