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Brazilian Army to receive MRCD 1250 riverine boats

The Von Suckow Trading Group (VSK) supplied a pilot batch of five MRCD 1250 (Military Riverine Craft Diesel 12.5 Meter) fast armed multi-purpose riverine boats to the Brazilian Army, the company told Jane’s ....

UK troops deploy to join Nato Kosovo Force

A team of nearly 30 UK troops has departed for Southern Europe to begin a year-long deployment to support Nato’s Kosovo Force (KFOR). …read more Read more here:: Army Technology (Land)

Fort Carson Prepares for Massive Road Trip

More than 1,200 vehicles will roll south from Fort Carson in what’s again the biggest convoy operation since World War II. …read more Read more here:: Military.com (Land)

M1165A1 Special Operations HMMWV

M1165A1 Special Operations high-mobility, multi-purpose wheeled vehicle (HMMWV or Humvee) is a variant of M1165 general-purpose HMMWV customised for the specific needs of special forces. …read more Read more here:: Army Technology (Land)

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