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ANALYSIS: The Lao People’s Liberation Army

Like Vietnam, the Lao People’s Army armed with weapons originating from the Soviet Union and a small portion was purchased from Russia. In Southeast Asia, the Lao People’s Army is an organized army, small...

EU, Nato move closer on Ukraine response

NATO and the EU are stepping up their consultations to deal with the security threats now facing Europe, especially those stemming from Russia’s increasingly aggressive stance, said the leaders of the two organisations on...

JJV and US Army conduct live-firing of Javelin missile

The Javelin Joint Venture (JJV) and the US Army have conducted successful live-fire Javelin missile engagements against tank targets from different launcher and platform configurations at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama, US. …read more...

BTR-MDM Armoured Personnel Carrier

BTR-MDM (Shell-M) is a tracked, airborne, multi-purpose, fully-amphibious armoured personnel carrier (APC) developed primarily for the Russian Army as well as the Russian Marine Corps. …read more Read more here:: Army Technology (Land)

Phantom MRAP seen in Thailand

The Royal Thai Marine Corps (RTMC) recently concluded a three-month trial of a new MRAP vehicle in southern Thailand, it has emerged. The prototype, named the Phantom 380-X, was first publicly revealed during the...

UTC confirms plan to divest Sikorsky Aircraft

United Technologies Corp (UTC) has confirmed its plans to separate Sikorsky Aircraft from its portfolio of business through a sale or potential tax-free spinoff. …read more Read more here:: Army Technology (Land)

EDA orders Carl-Gustaf ammunition from Saab

Saab has received a contract from the European Defence Agency (EDA) to supply Carl-Gustaf weapon system ammunition to five agency member states. …read more Read more here:: Army Technology (Land)

Army Cancels Black Light Equipment Inspections

FORT DRUM, N.Y. — Senior leaders at the Pentagon have shelved a controversial new policy mandating 100% black light inspections during Central Issue Facility (CIF) turn-in. Public documents indicate that the testing led to...

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