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Lockheed’s JLTV Line Starts In August; 6-D Truck Design

[CORRECTED data on competitor Oshkosh] LOCKHEED MARTIN “LIGHTHOUSE,” SUFFOLK, VA: “We’re in a really tough competition…a knife fight in [a] phone booth,” said Tom Kelly, who runs Lockheed Martin’s government relations for the Joint...

Marines to Get Fewer Assault Ships

The Corps needs 38 amphibious assault ships for crisis-response missions around the world but the sea service will likely have to settle for 33. …read more

Army Testing Pocket Drones

U.S. Army researchers are developing a pocket-sized aerial surveillance drone for soldiers and small units operating on unfamiliar ground. “The Cargo Pocket Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance program, or CP-ISR, seeks to develop a mobile...

Thailand Raises Defence Budget 5%

Thailand’s military government has proposed a 2015 defence budget of THB193 billion (USD6 billion), representing a 5% increase over spending in 2014. The funding represents approximately 8% of the total government expenditure during the...

ADAS 2014 : Massive Procurement Under Modernisation Plan

Economic growth (currently 7.2%) has enabled the Armed Forces of the Philippines to action the Defence Modernisation Programme and to also help finance the damage caused by typhoon Haiyan. The AFP Modernisation Programme is...

Vietnam Successfully Made Medium-Range Radar RV-02

Radar realm midrange RV-02 is one of those products that are appreciated by superior efficiency, good anti-interference, high reliability, simple to use. Report broadcast on Quốc phòng Việt Nam (Vietnam Defense) pm on 7/10/2014,...

Rotorcraft’s Next Great Step May Start Next Month

WASHINGTON: Want to see an advanced helicopter fly faster than 230 knots? Well, don’t get out your binoculars and cameras yet, aircraft-watchers. What may be the next great leap forward in rotorcraft technology begins...

Militants Using Humvees from Iraq in Syria

The al Qaeda-splinter group, Islamic State of Iraq in the Levant, has bragged about its capture of Iraqi army equipment, including Humvees, blast-resistant trucks and tanks. …read more

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