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Baserunner Utility Vehicle

Baserunner is a 4×4 selectable gas / electric hybrid utility vehicle developed by Textron Marine & Land Systems. …read more

BAE Systems awarded $3.2m DARPA C2E programme contract

BAE Systems has been awarded a $3.2m contract to work on the first phase of the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) Communications in Contested Environments (C2E) programme. …read more

Army, Marine Corps Finish Testing JLTV Prototypes

The U.S. Army and Marine Corps have finished testing prototypes of the Humvee replacement known as the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle. But results of the evaluations haven’t been released and manufacturers are still waiting...

United Arab Emirates To Purchase 150 VP11 4×4 MRAP

United Araba Emirates (UAE) has expressed intrest in purchase of 150 NORINCO’s VP11 4×4 Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles. The VP11 MRAP vehicle is designed using a 4×4 light truck chassis for reconnaissance, search...

Italy deploys latest Mangusta attack helo variant to Afghanistan

Italy has deployed the latest version of the AgustaWestland Mangusta attack helicopter, the AW129D, to Afghanistan. Task Force ‘Fenice’, the Italian Army Aviation component of Train Advise Assist Command West (TAAC-W) in Afghanistan, started...

Ukraine outlines reasons for high aircraft loss rate

A lack of experience and training, as well as poor tactics and intelligence not being acted on are the primary reasons for losses being incurred by the Ukrainian Air Force in the restive east...

Iraqi forces relieve Baiji refinery

The Iraqi Ministry of Defence (MoD) has announced that its forces have finally secured the town of Baiji and the associated oil refinery after months of fighting against Islamic State militants. The Iraqi authorities...

Militant video shows Egyptian armour being overrun

Key Points The new Sinai affiliate of the Islamic State has released a video to claim the 24 October attack on the Egyptian Army The video shows a ruthless and sustained attack that overran...

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