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AUSA 2019: Rafael includes lighter Trophy system in OMFV bid

Rafael’s lighter version of Trophy Active Protection System (APS) is included in a bid sample for the US Army’s Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV) prototyping competition, an effort to replace its M2 Bradley Fighting...

AUSA 2019: GDLS showcasing IM-SHORAD prototype

General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) has begun delivering Interim Maneuver Short-Range Air Defence (IM-SHORAD) prototypes to the US Army and will display one at this year’s annual AUSA meeting. Kendall Linson, GDLS’s manager of...

Army Robots Go Rolling Along – Ahead Of Schedule

Industry’s prototype Robotic Combat Vehicles are proving more capable than the Army expected, Brig. Gen. Richard Ross Coffman told me: “It is really exciting.” …read more Read more here:: Breaking Defense (Land)

Rare U.S. light armored vehicles spotted in Syria

Rare light armored vehicles of the U.S. Special Forces unit has been spotted near Qamishli, the city in northeastern Syria. Posted on the CNW Twitter account on Saturday posted a video showing the U.S...

eBrief: The “Knife Fighter” of Army Aviation

The Army seeks a next-generation armed scout helicopter with increased speed, range, survivability and even autonomy – not just a conventional helicopter. …read more Read more here:: Breaking Defense (Land)

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