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F1 Technology Adapted to Armoured Combat Vehicles by BAE

In a world first, tracked military vehicles are being upgraded with technology adapted from Formula One to improve handling and speed across the battlefield. Engineers at BAE Systems have applied the new upgrade ‘Active...

NATO allies make splash during Exercise Flaming Thunder

With the target in sight, instructions are relayed to waiting artillerymen – a fire mission is underway. With a deep thud, followed by a brief moment of eerie silence, massive explosions erupt downrange –...

Third armaments revolution set to unfold

Game-changer armament technologies come just once in a blue moon, said Michael Zoltoski, chief of the Army Research Lab’s Lethality Division. The first blue moon moment came during the 1950s, with the development of...

Thailand increases defence budget by 7%

Thailand’s military-run government has proposed a 2016 defence budget of THB207 billion (USD6.3 billion), a nominal increase of 7% over military spending in 2015. According to budgetary figures announced by the government on 29...

India’s Dhanush towed gun completes trials

India’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) declared on 27 April that indigenously built 155 mm/45 calibre towed howitzer prototypes based on the Bofors FH-77B design had “successfully met all technical parameters during summer and winter...

Indian rifle, carbine procurements delayed again

The Indian Army’s long-delayed efforts to procure 5.56 mm close quarter carbines and multi-calibre assault rifles have hit another roadblock. Official sources said user trials featuring three rival carbines – the IWI Galil Ace...

Spectrel PTZI-1000

The Spectrel PTZI-1000 is an integrated, ruggedised, MIL-grade, ready-to-use, high-precision pan/tilt/zoom camera unit with built-in laser illuminator. …read more Read more here:: Army Technology (Land)

KrAZ-6322 Soldier Military Truck

KrAZ-6322 Soldier is an all-terrain, 6WD high-mobility tactical vehicle designed and built by Ukrainian PJSC AutoKrAZ to support multiple mission needs of land forces. …read more Read more here:: Army Technology (Land)

Army Boasts Hottest Space Tech, Says Space Command

WASHINGTON: The US Army has the most disruptive space technology right now. So says the head of Air Force Space Command, Gen. John Hyten. Hyten was asked about the technology in the space domain...

Embedded Training Systems Provide Mobile Training Solution

With a growing number of defense agencies experiencing a reduction in total force size, training efficiencies continue to grow in importance. At this year’s CANSEC 2015 in Ottawa, Canada, Meggitt Training Systems will discuss...

New LV-12094/342 Camera with HD Resolution

The LV-12094/342 is the perfect choice of camera for those who need detailed imaging with full HD resolution. …read more Read more here:: Army Technology (Land)

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